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Meet Roxana Blăgescu, Neurolanguage Coach, Entrepreneur

Roxana is helps introvert, perfectionist Entrepreneurs & high achieving Coaches, non-native speakers of French&English, to move from struggle to thrive, to leverage their language&communication and make it strategic, productive and profitable.

1. What are the three most important habits to be a successful entrepreneur?

From my point of view the three most important habits to be a successful entrepreneur are:

set goals

being persistent and consistent

learn something new every day

I would also add self-care. If we do not take care of ourselves we can not take care of our business.

2. What is a typical day like for you?

I adore my work. And I like it a lot because each day is different. I am a morning person. I like to weak up early in the morning, at 5 am. I feel very energised and creative when I weak up so early. Half an hour is for coffee and reading online newspapers or I dive directly into work. I normally use this time for writing my posts on social media or blog articles, writing courses, planning, studying or researching.

I start my sessions around 9 o'clock. I normally schedule individual sessions in the morning and the group ones in the afternoons.

I usually plan 3 networking sessions per month. Then, a typical day includes also calls or business meeting. I always try to save some time for the lunch break. Not necessarily to eat, but to have a walk. A walk and a cappuccino. There is no fixed time for finishing my work in the evening, I try not to go beyond 7 pm. Evenings are for dinners, friends, family, movies, opera or theatre.

Sometimes mornings comprise some pilates sessions ( less in the summer because I feel pretty lazy to work out).

3. What’s your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

I have been an entrepreneur for over 16 years now. Let's say that the part I like the most is the flexibility of my schedule. Then, I like the challenges and the learning part. Being an entrepreneur is a self-discovery journey.

4. What are the biggest challenges to being an entrepreneur?

For, right now, the biggest challenges are expanding my business and being consistent.

5. How do you stay on top of industry trends?

I always try incorporate in my business, those trends I resonate with. I try to be a step forward and periodically add a touch of novelty. Then I am a life long learner, so invest in myself, in my self development so can I offer better services to my clients.

Besides, I always believe in innovation and creativity.

I am also lucky because in my work, it not only about trends, it is about my skills, about my way of coaching and helping my clients. Because, despite trends, we are all unique.

6. How do you foster creative thinking?

First of all, I try to gather new ideas and resources. I treasure each meeting or person I meet. For, it is always a valuable source of inspiration.

Then, I move on to another activity. I focus on something else, but my mind is subconsciously continuing to work on the activity, problem left behind. Allowing space and time is also important. The best ideas come when you stop thinking about them.

7. How do you know when you have a winning business idea?

I do not think you can know before if your business idea will or will not be winning. To find out, you have to put it into practice and test it. It is about your audience, clients to decide that. Furthermore, a briliant idea needs support, a good communication and marketing plan.

8. What’s more important: innovation or integrity?

I believe both are essential traits. Without integrity and reliability, we can not build and sustain trust. Afterwords, to drive innovation in your organisation, simply create an environment of Highest Integrity.

9. How do you take care of your mental health?

From my point of view, a big relief is to say ”no”, to learn to say ”no”. I assume it is not always easy. Because it happens to accept a client because it is the end of the month and you have to reach your target, or to cover your expenses or salaries. Although it is not the exact client you are aiming for.

I save time for myself! Just for myself! With myself, only! It is my way of recharging!

10. What’s your definition of success?

Success is a relative term. And its definition depends on each day and on different aspects. But overall, my definition of success is my entrepreneurial journey.

11. How do I know if my goals are too conservative or too ambitious?

I would not classify them as ambitious or conservative. It depends on us. I personally like a lot challenges. I would say that is more important to have the strength to adapt and recalibrate when needed and not to become prisoner of your goals.

12. Do you use social media to network?

I do you social media to network. Pandemic forced us to adapt and be more into social media. I use Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram. Before the pandemic the platform I was using mostly was Linkedin. Then, I started to be more active on facebook. And the last addition was instagram. Linkedin is more for corporate and professional clients, facebook and instagram for small mediu entrepreneurs and private individuals.

13. What’s the most rewarding aspect of starting your own business?

From my point of view, entrepreneurship is a self discovery and learning journey.

I would say that the most rewarding aspect is to step into this journey.

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