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Jessica Louise in "Feature your Story"

Jessica is a Business and Spiritual Coach, supporting women to live a meaningful purposeful life, which is deeply rooted in them being their most authentic selves.

1. What books do you recommend for every entrepreneur to read?

1. The Gifts of imperfection - Brene brown

2. Playing big - Tara Mohr

3. Radical acceptance - Tara Brach

2. What motivates you to keep going?

My mission to serve other women. This is what gets me out of bed in the morning. Always

coming back to my big vision and my why behind it supports me in showing up and to keep

moving forward.

The women that I serve really motivate me to keep showing up. My burning desire and calling to deeply support, empower and guide women to really connect to their own inner mentor and own inner light keeps me inspired. It brings me so much joy and absolute pleasure to see women do the deep inner work to connect and remember their own inner confidence and their own inner light and inner compass. Nothing motivates me more than to see women deeply embody their worth, take deep care of themselves, heal and feel free.

My mission to make a difference in this world motivates me big time. To see a world in which we deeply love ourselves and each other, a world which is deeply compassionate and a lot more sensitive and a lot more truthful. I believe that as we begin to heal ourselves and take self

responsibility for how we show up to this life, we can make a massive difference. It is this

change I wish to see for us all.

3. How do you manage the stress?

I live my life in deep devotion to my pleasure, joy, surrender and ultimately my inner and outer


I really believe that stress is a choice in how we choose to respond to our lives. This is not to

say that life is not full of challenges and suffering, however I believe when we take responsibility for ourselves we can choose how we respond to our outer environments. The practice of self inquiry and awareness allows me to always check in with my body, heart and mind. From this place of inquiry I can then pivot and adapt and transform. This practice has been pivotal in my healing journey.

I have many other tools which support me in a practice of self inquiry and managing my nervous system, which ultimately supports my stress response:

I love trail running out in the mountains

I love writing in my journal and getting my thoughts onto paper

Swimming in the ocean

Free movement and dance



Self coaching for reframing my mindset

4. How are you taking care of your mental health?

I believe our mental health is impacted by many facets of our lives. Our body, mind and spirit

really all play a role in our mental health.

Again my self awareness practice is the foundation of taking care of my mental health. From a

place of self inquiry and inner listening I can move in the direction of what my body, mind and

spirit is calling of me. I can connect to my own inner compass and move from this deep

knowing which is true for my being. For me this is what living in alignment means, living my life in truth to who I was called here to be.

5. How do you prevent burnout?

I believe burnout happens when we are unconsciously living our lives on a hamster wheel and

when we are not living in alignment to our highest good.

By becoming aware of my inner life I can observe my tendencies to push myself too hard or

overdo things. I can also notice my unconscious patterns and beliefs which are running the

show and I can choose to change this.

By slowing down my life, practicing time in stillness, going out into nature often I can observe

the whispers of my body, heart and mind and check in with what is really going on a deep level.

From this place I can then choose to change the way I am doing things in order to come back

into balance.

6. What does your typical workday look like?

I am very intentional about how I spend my time, especially my mornings. This is such sacred

time for me to really connect to myself and the divine on a deep level. I generally do not start

working before 09h30. My morning practices differ as I always like to check in with what my

body, mind and heart is asking of me on a particular day.

I almost always incorporate movement, stillness/quiet contemplation time and journaling into my morning. I love to spend at least 1 hour in the morning on the beach.

My work is really an integrative part of my lifestyle and I don’t like to put it into a rigid box. I

really connect to the flow of each day, which is very connected to my female monthly cycle.

Typically I set aside 2-3 hours to work with clients each day and manage my other business

tasks as blocked off times in my week and month.

7. How do you manage your work-life balance?

As I have already mentioned my work is really an integrative part of my lifestyle. I always check in with how I am physically, mentally and emotionally. Some days are taken for deep rest and relaxation and “being” days while others are more creative “doing” days.

By putting a limit on the amount of hours I work a day I can create a boundary for myself. I

always like to finish productive “doing” work at around 3h30pm.

My beliefs are really an important foundation for my work life balance. I am constantly working on looking at my beliefs, and belief patterns which dictate how I show up to my life. By reframing my beliefs I choose how I show up.

For example….. By choosing to believe that I am an abundant being, that I have an abundance of time I can really slow down and take time for my well-being. Energetically I can feel this spaciousness in my body, heart and mind and I don’t feel the need to rush things.

8. What are your values and ideals?

My core values with which I live my life and run my business are

Truth / Integrity


Compassion and Kindness





9. How do you deal with self-doubt and doubt from others?

In my journey as an entrepreneur there has been many moments of self doubt and also doubt

which has been projected from others. It has truly been my biggest blessing on this journey, as

it has really allowed me to practice the deep embodiment of trust in myself and trust in the

divine. It has been this doubt which has supported me in healing old stories which I had been


The self doubt is this little voice that says “ I am not good enough” or “Who are you to be doing this”. Reframing my mindset and my mental patterns has really supported me with any form of doubt. Listening to my inner wise woman/mentor has supported me in moving through self doubt. I have the choice to choose what inner voice I listen too.

As for the doubt from others…..With a deeper understanding of myself and my self awareness

practice I know that the doubt that is projected from others is really just a projection of what is

happening within them, it is their own lack of belief in themselves. Knowing this has radically

changed the way I relate to the perceptions from others.

10. When did you know you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

At 28 I had a deep calling to be of service to women. To inspire and empower women to really connect to their own inner light, to reclaim their worthiness and live a life which feels so aligned to their hearts desires. A life which feels expansive, spacious and full of celebration, abundance and joy. One in which they are so deeply in love with.

11. What do you enjoy most about entrepreneurship? What do you find the hardest about it?

The fact that I am my own boss and I can be so intentional about my time. I can take real care

of myself, I can deeply rest and I can also work on projects which are deeply inspiring and for-

filing for me.

Being a solopreneur I find the hardest part is that I wear many hats in my business. From

building relationships, to the financial aspect, to marketing and social media and coaching.

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