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Is that a battlefield?

It just looks like a battlefield.

But does it have to feel like one too?

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed other day on a Saturday, normally I don’t do it too much on Saturdays, because it is a family day for me, but today I decided to have a look and check some groups and friends and I felt like there is a lot going on Saturdays there.

So many posts from people promoting their business and asking others to join their groups etc.

And if you are an entrepreneur, like me, it can feel very overwhelming and exhausting if you think that you have to compete with all these other people who are promoting on there and being visible.

But how you feel about it will show you how aligned with your purpose and the purpose of your business you are.

In other times I know that I would feel left out, behind, guilty, or overwhelmed by all of this and would think, well, there are already so many offers on there, no one will look at me!

But the truth is: there is the same amount of people offering, as there are people needing.

We are living in a moment of great change and people are feeling it and they are willing to change.

Maybe not everyone, but you don’t need to take care of everyone, you just need those who are aligned with what you have to offer.

Well, I’ve known this for a while, but it took me time to really feel and implement it in my life just because I was still doubting myself and my capacity to serve, I was doubting myself because I was not able to love myself enough to recognize my value and to give myself credit for all my hard work

So, if you too are trying to grow your business and is feeling overwhelmed thinking that there are too many offers like yours already, think twice, no one is like you, no one can be you and do things the way you do, and that is the magic of things.

Do things that are aligned with who you are and choose to serve those that you feel called to. Love yourself for who you are and believe me, no one is like you!

If you already knew this then give yourself a big pat on the back and feel happy and joyful and keep the workup.

Ps. I have a group where I empowered purpose-driven women like you, to love themselves first and create the success they desire from the inside-out. Come and join us:


About the author:

Isabel Souza Mendes is an Intuitive Self-love-coach, energy healer and Body Analyst, specialised in helping women who feel lost, insecure, with low self-esteem and low confidence to fall madly in love with themselves and upgrade their lives to the next level.

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