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Parenting Mindset to Raise Successful Kids

90 Min Materclass

Next Class: October 21st 2021

Worth 90€
Non-Members 60€**
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Are you feeling overwhelmed in conciliating family and working life?

Do you have disputes, disagreement, struggles with your child?

Would like to get the very best out of him without nagging, yelling, or time-outs?

Would you like to overcome learning obstacles and wish he would improve grades at school?

Does your child complain about being bored, has stomach ace or his eyes hurt when he is learning?

Would you like to give the best to your kids?

Would you like to switch from the guilty, frustrated and powerless, stressful mum to peaceful, happy and feel confident in parent-child relationship?

Do you want to have peaceful family life, thriving kids at school and beyond?

In the age of the Pandemic where parenting has shifted and many parents are having to work from home, if we do not take better control as parents and emerge our working relationship well with our parenting relationship we will not succeed in our parents role. 

We are in an era where kids have to be nurtured, even more than ever before as they are also facing lots of insecurities, new challenges today.

Studies from Conduct Problems Prevention Research Group shows that when kids have a lack of emotional support, disruptive behaviour problems are emphasised.

Kids react to your parenting style and become resistant if they have study problems.

This leads to unnecessary stress, conflicts and anger.

Unprecedented time needs an unprecedented approach.

Techniques and skills are an important aspect to have a calmer family life, but tactics are not working without strategy and without shifting our perception, and mind set.

In this Master Class we cover some of the basics to have a calmer mind and calmer parenting.

Family is a training ground where you rise beyond likes and dislikes.

When people stay together, either by bondage or choice, they mature because maturity happens when you rise above your likes and dislikes.

And that is even truer now in the current situation.


But THE SITUATION IS CHANGING NOW AS IT IS RIGHT NOW THE PERFECT TIME to establish a new approach, new routines… have better relationships WITH your loved ones, and do parenting and communication differently, as before.

If you set your intention and make a decision it will happen. so you will have less stress and less worry and can focus on your business in office hours.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Imagination is more important than knowledge”

Albert Einstein

Meet  Eva Tana Atara Sekeres:

Your Advisor & Educator, Parenting Coach

"Helping Overwhelmed Business Mums Achieve Success in Parenting & Kids Education."

Eva was a single mother with two small children and started out her career as a finance professional at the corporate word, at a time of extensive expansion, transformation. Being stressed out resulted in surgery. After the surgery she started her own inner transformation. As a result of a life purpose consultation Eva decided to step into her passion, helping families in parenting to change the way children grow. 


As a positive behaviour advisor, educator and parenting coach she provide support 

to have stress free family life, and overcome behaviour and learning obstacles. Her service solves the problem of negative and disruptive behaviour, resistance in study in schools and homes. Her holistic approach creates excellent results of behaviour transformation, increased confidence, improved self-esteem, reduced anxiety, re-engagement in education, improved grades and prevention of permanent exclusion and so much more. 


The end result is your family is grounded in loving kindness, supportive and positive encouragement where each member nurtures each other and their relationship so that the child now thrives at school and beyond.


After a strong assessment she will work on a strategy together with parents and their children to ensure that all areas of disruptive behavior and learning obstacles are handled and achievements are met, grade improved. 



She helped a 6 years old boy transitioning from Montessori to Academic education. 8 years of dyslexic boy spelling test improved from 2 out of 12 to 9 out of 12, he got grade A by the end of the year. His sleeping problems also have been solved.  By her assistance, SAT exam of the girl she was working with was 94%.

Based in the UK, Eva coaches busy professionals, entrepreneur mums internationally. She loves to contribute to the family's life for the betterment and inspire them to change their approach on parenting and learn strategic approach so when implementing new skills and technologies result is guaranteed.

Connect with Eva:

Facebook Group: Pillars of Successful Parenting


                  By the end of this master class, you are going to know:              

1.)  Why having a growth mindset is extremely important.

2.)  Why implement value based structures around daily life is matter.

3.)  Why strategical approach is a missing link for tactics to implement.

4.)  Why positive praising and acknowledgment is the only way, to have mentally healthy adults.

5.)  Why learning style and tailor made study strategy is important to thrive at school and beyond.

6.)  What are the 2 core reasons of behavioural issues.

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