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An International Community. 

A Networking platform  for women in business to connect, collaborate and showcase their services and products around the globe.

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About Expats & Entrepreneurs

Since 2019, Expats & Entrepreneurs has created a supportive community for women in business around the world. We understand how helpful it is for women in business to find a space where they can build connections with others, find partners and clients and grow their business. 

As business owners we all know how to recognise the value of being able to benefit from a strong network. As providers of high-quality products and services, a large majority of the companies with whom I correspond say that 80% of their transactions come from referrals, whether by former and current customers, as well as by colleagues and collaborators that they found precisely on their network.


The vast majority of the networks present in the Market today, focus on the local and regional meeting of its members, with a rare international reach, limited to special and occasional events during the year.


E&E offers an opportunity to meet people and connect with customers and businesses from around the world every month, in all of our meetings. 100% online


Another differential of E&E is that in addition of not only focusing on a local network, we want to extend it not only to English speaking business. From our experience as expatriates and having lived in several different countries, we understand that many women who are expatriates and who open their businesses around the world often find themselves restricted in their area of ​​coverage by a language barrier.


Our goal is to enable these women to expand their area of ​​influence and business possibilities to the whole world, even when they do not speak an international language. Within our experience we have observed that most people already do business and regroup in communities when they are living far from their countries of origin, and many also dream of staying in touch with potential customers from their countries of origin and our goal in E&E is enable these businesses to connect with potential customers and partners in all parts of the world.

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