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Breathwork for Stress management

 BreathFlow system

Four sessions that can change your life!

The tools are in your hands, the know-how you can learn in easy-to-follow sessions.

4 x 45 Min Classes

27.06.2022 | 04.07.2022

11.07.2022 | 18.07.2022

Worth 240€
E&E Price 120€

Breathing is your innate ability, a basic process that maintains life, separating it from death. Breathwork methods can be a way of meditation helping us ground, live in the present moment and even provoke changes in our patterns of judgement. If you breathe this class maybe be for you!

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Your breathing patterns are also a result of your lifestyle. An unhealthy lifestyle is often accompanied by unhealthy breathing patterns, characterised by hyperventilation, excessive breathing, use of the wrong supporting breathing muscles. My breathwork practice includes Flowbreathing techniques that are scientific, safe, effective and simple, and have an effect on your nervous system, aid your digestion, support your sleeping patterns and are a powerful tool for you to manage your stress response. Breathwork is sometimes described as an alternative holistic approach to correct wrong breathing patterns. However, there is nothing less alternative than breathing, and I like to place it among holistic approaches that remind your body of its most basic capacity-breathing!

I have been practicing breathwork as a certified coach for the last 20 years, as a way to control my stress response and to care of my mind. These sessions is about bringing you awareness of yourself, your breath, how to recognise your normal peaceful breathing pattern, and to help you to recognise your breathing pattern at stressful situations. Breathwork techniques should help you use your breath to diminish your reactivity, and control your responsiveness. No matter how much stress you are at a given moment, you are then able of controlling your response to it by grounding and controlling your mind. Breathwork is also an excellent tool to engage in meditation.

Maybe you do not need years of therapy to start controlling your levels of stress in a systematic way. You can transform your patterns with a few sessions, sometimes in one session. In this masterclass I will break for you the key points that will make you understand your breathing pattern, how breathing works and how can you put breathwork to practice and serve you on a daily basis.

By regulating the breath, you can have a profound experience of self-awareness and meditation already on your first session. 

By taking care of yourself and improve your breathing habits, control your levels of stress you will not only improve your experience with yourself, as you will also improve your life with others, your work, and your family life.

In these sessions we will go through:

  • Conscious Breathing,

  • The science of breathing,

  • The mechanisms of Breathing,

  • Breath testing and

  • Breathwork practice.

You will set a basic understanding of your breath, of the breathwork techniques that will help you to manage your stress, to meditate, to improve your response to the challenges in your life. I will walk you through on how to become aware of your breath, the science of breathing and techniques that you can practice throughout your day, everyday. If you are anxious, or you are facing stress in your life, you can additionally help yourself with imagery and you will witness a shift in your self-perception.

Few years ago, after the birth of my children I have faced severe health issues with autoimmune disease, and breathwork has been the tool that has helped me facing the stress brought by the condition and helped me to restore my health. Breathwork can help you find yourself at your core, helping you reach the life you deserve. The focus of the practice is to help you in that moment where your breath has been shaken and help you, yourself to restore it back! This masterclass will address you and you using your most basic capacity of breathing to help you reach self awareness, to manage your stress levels and improve your health condition. I am inviting you to partner with yourself and be in control of your breath.

I am Gabriela Droga Mazovec and this is your breathwork essential kit.

Meet Gabriela Droga Mazovec:

Your Breathwork an Stress Management Expert

In 2007, Dr. Gabriela Droga Mazovec, a biochemist working at the Jozef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia, fascinated with the innate mechanisms of regeneration and our body's self repair abilities, engaged in different workshops on breathwork. Nowadays, breathwork is recognized as an effective and consistent method for stress management, self control and a meditation tool to manage the stresses of everyday life and improve health.

Gabriela is the founder of the company Flow Q, dedicated to the process of education and practice of Breathwork and other innate practices for self awareness and self healing. She trains, teaches, and lectures on the applications of Breathwork, nutraceuticals and fasting and is Scientific Adviser for IP Identification and Protection at the University of Ljubljana. Gabriela has emphasized that Breathwork is not an alternative method to manage stress, but rather an innate tool that defines live and its barriers.


Daniela Droga Mazovec

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