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All About Expats & Entrepreneurs

In 2019, after moving to Doha in Qatar, Adriana Meyer launched an initiative for expatriate women that are expatriates and entrepreneurs in Qatar and founded “Expats & Entrepreneurs” (E&E). 

It was a closed group - A network of support for expatriate women and entrepreneurs to get together once a month over a coffee morning to connect, align ideas and lift each other through coaching meetings to grow their mindsets and businesses. 

As we are moving to the new normal E&E was forced to make some changes to their original format. Now, E&E is growing their initial group and creating a new concept for women from all over the world to join them. 

As business owners we all know how to recognise the value of being able to benefit from a strong network. As providers of high-quality products and services, a large majority of the companies with whom I correspond say that 80% of their transactions come from referrals, whether by former and current customers, as well as by colleagues and collaborators that they found precisely on their network.


The vast majority of the networks present in the Market today, focus on the local and regional meeting of its members, with a rare international reach, limited to special and occasional events during the year.


E&E offers an opportunity to meet people and connect with customers and businesses from around the world every month, in all of our meetings. 100% online


Another differential of E&E is that in addition of not only focusing on a local network, we want to extend it not only to English speaking business. From our experience as expatriates and having lived in several different countries, we understand that many women who are expatriates and who open their businesses around the world often find themselves restricted in their area of ​​coverage by a language barrier.


Our goal is to enable these women to expand their area of ​​influence and business possibilities to the whole world, even when they do not speak an international language. Within our experience we have observed that most people already do business and regroup in communities when they are living far from their countries of origin, and many also dream of staying in touch with potential customers from their countries of origin and our goal in E&E is enable these businesses to connect with potential customers and partners in all parts of the world.

Women Holding Hands

Adriana Meyer

Adriana Meyer 

Founder of E&E 

 Business Psychologist (MSc), Executive & Team Coach (ICF PCC), Ambassador of FWOC, MindDetox-ME Co-Founder, ICF Doha Board Member, Lumina Learning Practitioner. 


Isabel Mendes

Isabel Mendes

Co-Founder of E&E

Holistic Therapist, Self-Love Coach, Certified Body Analyst, ThetaHealing® Practitioner, Access Bars® Practitioner, Master in Media & Communication.

The Ladies Behind it

Adriana Meyer is a Business Psychologist (MSc), Executive & Team Coach (ICF PCC, PCIC, CMEC, CMTC) with over 20 years of experience ranging from the aviation industry to education & consulting. 

Adriana lived in 4 different countries, Brazil, UAE, Portugal & currently in Qatar. Her experience enhanced her cultural awareness and passion for human interactions. 

Her journey as an expat led her to develop a "Coaching programme for Expatriates” working with her clients in their process of personal development and professional performance. 

Being an entrepreneur herself, reinforced her desire to create an initiative to support female expats and entrepreneurs and last year Adriana launched Expats & Entrepreneurs in Qatar. 

“With the challenges post Covid-19 we felt the need to join forces and launch our Expats & Entrepreneurs globally. A network platform of support for female entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate & showcase their businesses, services and products around the globe." Adriana Meyer (Expats & Entrepreneurs Founder)

Adriana is also an Ambassador to Female Wave of Change to Qatar, ICF Doha Director of Sponsorship, Lumina Learning Psychometrics Practitioner, and Co-founder of MindDetoxME.


Isabel Mendes is an Intuitive Self-love Coach, Body Analyst and Energy Healer, with a mission to help women who feel vulnerable or dissatisfied in their relationships, with themselves or with others to discover their personal value, become more confident, fulfilled, happy and full of self-love. 

Isabel has a natural and strong intuition and offers a deep holistic experience to her clients. She has 3 children and worked as a Public Relations and Photographer for many years before becoming a Life Coach.

Isabel works with women determined to change their lives, to free themselves from patterns of self-hate, self-doubt, dissatisfaction and unhappiness. 

She guides them in the process of discovering who they really are and what they really want, generating clarity, determining priorities and reconnecting with themselves and their dreams.

She has a natural and strong intuition and wants to give the very best holistic experience to her clients. She has 3 children and has worked as a Public Relations and Photographer for many years and understand daily pressure having to meet deadlines and reach targets.

Born in Brazil, she currently lives in London after spending 10 years in Paris and 5 years in Dubai.

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