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Expats & Entrepreneurs

"The networking platform that speaks your language"

An International Community. 

A Networking Platform for Women in Business to connect, collaborate and support their products and services globally.

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About Expats & Entrepreneurs

Since 2019, Expats & Entrepreneurs has created a supportive community for women in business around the world. We understand how helpful it is for women in business to find a space where they can build connections with others, find partners and clients and grow their business. 

Working on the Go


Meet  your next client, collaborator, partner, or your next best friend.


There are several ways for members joining Expats & Entrepreneurs for the first time.

International Flags

Language Pods

Where you can network on your favorite language

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Morning Rituals

Facebook Group

A Popular Option

Math Class


Increase your knowledge with our exclusive content 

Enjoying a Coffee

Breakfast Club

A informal meeting to brainstorm with like minded women

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